Ascension of our Lord

Though frequently overlooked in many traditions, Ascension Day occurs 40 days after Easter and therefore occurs on a Thursday. It marks the day on which Jesus was with his disciples on the Mount of Olives and ascended to heaven before their very eyes. (See Acts 1:1-12). This event is packed with meaning.  It provides assurance to us that the Father has acknowledged the successful completion of the Son’s redemptive work, that we have an advocate and intercessor in heaven who knows and understands our temptations and needs, and it guarantees our own bodily resurrection.

Some possible Psalms to use:

Psalm 2
Psalm 8
Psalm 21
Psalm 24
Psalm 45
Psalm 47
Psalm 68
Psalm 72
Psalm 93
Psalm 97
Psalm 99
Psalm 108
Psalm 110
Psalm 113
Psalm 138