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Cry Out to God!

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship is pleased to collaborate with Choral Scholars on this cd of songs from the brand new songbook Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship.

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Sing to God with Joy

This two CD collection features GIA-published recordings of 42 songs found in the new songbook Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship.
Disc 1
1. 1F Happy Is the One
2. 8D O Lord, Our Lord
3. 9A Kyrie Guarany/On the Poor
4. 19A The Stars Declare His Glory
5. 23H Shepherd Me, O God
6. 24D The Kingdom of God
7. 25A To You, O Lord
8. 27A The Lord Is My Light
9. 27H The Lord Is My Light
10. 27J The Lord Is My Light
11. 29B Hijos de Dios
12. 30B Te Ensalzaré, Señor
13. 31A Empty, Broken, Lifeless
14. 34B Taste and See
15. 43C Send Out Your Light
16. 45B Take, O Take Me As I Am
17. 46D Be Still and Know
18. 47F Clap Your Hands All You Nations
19. 50C Let the Giving of Thanks
20. 51M Misericordia, Señor
21. 56A In My Day of Fear
22. 62D In God Alone

Disc 2
1. 66B Uyai Mose
2. 67C Let the Peoples Praise You
3. 69B If You Love Me
4. 77B I Refused to Be Comforted Easily
5. 100G Jubilate Deo Omnis Terra
6. 103C Bless the Lord My Soul
7. 117B Laudate Dominum
8. 118C Psallite Deo
9. 122D I Was Glad
10. 123A Our Eyes Rest on You
11. 128B Blest Are Those
12. 131B My Soul Is Still
13. 131D The Pride of My Heart
14. 133D Miren Qué Bueno
15. 136C Your Love Is Never Ending
16. 141B Like Burning Incense
17. 141C Let My Prayer Rise Up
18. 147C Sing to God, With Joy
19. Magnificat (canticle)
20. Holy Is Your Name (canticle)