Copyright Abbreviation Key

The following abbreviations were used in Psalms for All Seasons's copyright lines. (These vary from book-to-book.)

  • adapt.--Adapted (refers to words)
  • admin.--Administered by
  • alt.--Altered
  • anon.--Anonymous
  • arr.--Arranged by
  • b.--born
  • ca.--circa (around)
  • d.--died
  • ed.--Edited by/edition
  • harm.--Harmonization by
  • P.D.--Public Domain
  • ren.--Renewed
  • rev.--Revised
  • st.--Stanza
  • tr.--Translated by/translation/translator
  • trans.--Transcribed
  • vers.--Scripture versification
  • x c.--Xth century (1c.-1st century)

Words and Music--refers to the words and music contained in the song.

Text--always refers to the other text on the page, not the words contained in the lyrics of the song.