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The following outline all the elements that can be found in Psalms for All Seasons. For an example, look at Psalm 1.

The Psalm

NRSV -  You may reprint this as it is on the page without obtaining permission. Give credit to NRSV as on opening copyright page.  Always include with the reprint of the Psalm:

New Revised Standard Version © 1989 Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.

The Prayer         

You may use the prayer without getting permission. If it is read, no permission needs to be stated. If it is reprinted, give the following credit:

Prayer taken from Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship © 2011 Faith Alive Christian Resources

Hymn Settings

Each hymn or song has a credit line after the last system or staff. Please treat each case of words and music carefully with regard to copyright.

The Responsorial Setting with Refrain(s) and Tone(s)


Each refrain is treated as a musical work, the same as a hymn or song. The credit line will usually be found after the following Psalm text and tone, so you may have to search for it. In these cases, the credit line you find after the Tone indicated by Words and Music refers to the Refrain.

Psalm Text:

The Psalms texts for the Responsorial Settings are taken from Evangelical Lutheran Worship. These are copyrighted texts as is indicated in the extended credit line found under the Tone. Please note – you must obtain permission from Augsburg Fortress Publishers to reprint these Psalm texts. (email:  Be sure to use the correct credit line:

Psalm Text from Evangelical Lutheran Worship © 2006 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, admin. Augsburg Fortress Publishers


The credit line for the Tone is under the tone and indicated by the word Tone:

Note that these tones are copyrighted.

  1. For those copyrighted by Faith Alive Christian Resources, you may use and reprint any tone with proper credit. (no permission or license needed). Please give proper credit: Tone: ©  2011 Faith Alive Christian Resources
  2. For those tones copyrighted by Augsburg Fortress Publishers, contact them directly by email ( for permission. Be sure to also credit properly.