Please Note: We, the publisher, have tried our best to make this book as free of errors as possible. However, we are human and we are not perfect. We will be making the necessary corrections, as we have them, at the time of the subsequent printing. This list is not exhaustive. Thank you for your understanding!


  • 43B: Send Out Your Light
    • Music correction: Change Fine to Fine Last Time
    • Music correction: at the end, change To Refrain to To Stanza 2
  • 44A: O God, We Have Heard
    • Copyright line correction: the harmonization is by Martin Tel © 2011 Faith Alive Christian Resoures
  • 117F: O Praise the Lord Our God
    • In measure 6: The melody (soprano) line should match the melody line in measure 2.
  • 133D: Miren qué bueno/Oh, Look and Wonder
    • Missing title
  • 134B: Come, Bless the Lord
    • In measure 8: Tenor line should be AAAG and not AAGF.

Index of Copyright Holders:

Author, Composes and Sources:

  • Genevan Psalter: add the following pages: 158, 262, 302, 324, 623, 628, 874, 955, 1029
  • Dale Grotenhuis: remove page 276
  • Joy F. Patterson: page 750, not 50
  • Martin Tel: add page 276

Index of Genre and Musical Styles:

  • Recently Written Responsorial Psalmody: add Val Parker
  • Settings from the Spectrum of Afro-American Gospel Music: add Val Parker

Subjects and Seasons:

  • add to God's House: page 132

Tune Name Index:

  • add: BLUE PSALM, page 18

Index of First Lines and Common Titles:

  • add:
    • Blue Psalm 3.....3A (18)
    • Jubilate, Servite.....100G (632)
    • Your Love is Never Ending.....136C (888)
  • change:
    • Uyaimose should read: Uyai Mose