Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I have a CCLI license, and the words are covered by CCLI but the music is not, can I reprint the song?

A. You must obtain permission for the words from the copyright holder or administrator.


Q. What if I email a copyright holder for permission and I don’t hear back from them by the time I want to use the song? (this Sunday?)

A. This is a judgement call. You must continue to pursue permission to use the copyrighted material.  You must be willing to pay a fee. You make the call. 


Q. May I write a new verse to a hymn and print it for my congregation to sing?

A. You may write and print any verses to a public domain song. If you print a new verse to a copyrighted hymn, either words or music, you must obtain permission.


Q. I want to only use a short refrain of a song – do I still need to report it?

A. Yes.  Short refrains are treated the same as a long hymn.


Q. May I write a part for my brass players for the worship service?

A. Maybe. You may print a supplemental or instrumental part to a hymn if there is no published version available.


Q. May I record my services on video to bring to those who are sick or in the nursing home?

A. If you record live worship music that is copyrighted, it needs to be covered and reported to a licensing agency. Please see the guidelines at for all of the restrictions.


Please note: on this website we have attempted to give you assistance in using the music and resources in Psalms for All Seasons. The information here does not represent legal advice. We have given this information according to the information and knowledge we have acquired, and applaud you for your desire to comply with copyright law.


If you have any questions or would like clarification on copyrights or information in Psalms for All Seasons, please email us at:  We will do our best to help you in a timely manner.