Index of Genre and Musical Styles

The following index highlights the diversity of the major musical and textual traditions represented in this Psalter. Its aim is to help congregations and worship leaders identify those settings that are most accessible in their context, as well as particular settings that might stretch or challenge them. Whenever possible, this guide refers to an entry (name or publication) in the Index of Authors, Composers, and Sources (see pp. 1097-1101) rather than to specific instances. Any endeavor to distinguish unique traditions or genres is complicated by the fact that some individual composers or poets contribute to more than one tradition or genre, and some musical examples reflect multiple stylistic influences. Nevertheless, this guide offers a sketch of the primary traditions and styles included in this volume.

Please note: This index is found on pages 1102-1104 in Psalms for All Seasons. The Index of Authors, Composers, and Sources is found on pages 1097-1101.

Genres and Traditions of Musical Settings

Eastern Orthodox Chant
 See 20B, 27H (Alt. Ref.), 51 J; 141D, “You Have Come to Your People” (p. 1013), “The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father in Heaven” (p. 1034), Prayers of the People (p. 1043).

Gregorian Chant and other Medieval Traditions
 See 10A, 74A, 104G (Alt. Ref.), 149A (Alt. Ref.), 150H, General Refrain 1 (p. 1054).

16th Century Genevan Psalter
 See Genevan Psalter

Lutheran Chorale Tradition
See contributions from Johann S. Bach, the 1524 Enchiridia, Freylinghausen’s Geistreiches Gesangbuch, Severus Gastorius, the 1666 Gesangbuch, Hans Leo Hassler, Nikolaus Herman, Jakob Hintze, Martin Luther, Michael Praetorius, Melchoir Vulpius.

17th-18th Century American
See William Billings, William B. Bradbury, William H. Doane, Funk’s A Compilation of Genuine Church Music, Kentucky Harmony, William J. Kirkpatrick, Lowell Mason, The Sacred Harp, Walkers’s Southern Harmony, Wyeth’s Repository of Sacred Music.

Afro-American Spirituals
 See Afro-American spirituals

Traditional Hymn Tunes from England and Continental Europe
 See contributions by George N. Allen, J. L. Macbeth Bain, Ludwig van Beethoven, William U. Butcher, Jeremiah Clarke, William Croft, Henry S. Cutler, John Darwall, John B. Dykes, John D. Edwards, George J. Elvey, Charles H. Gabriel, John Hatton, Franz Joseph Haydn, Johann Michael Haydn, Jessie Seymour Irvine, George Kirbye, Conrad Kocher, James Langran, William Lloyd, Charles Lockhart, Frederick Charles Maker, William H. Monk, Henry K. Oliver, Joseph Parry, Charles H. Purday, Richard Redhead, Lewis H. Redner, William F. Sherman, James Walch, Walter G. Whinfield, Thomas J. Williams.

English and North American Cathedral Traditions
See contributions by William Boyce, Richard Dirksen, Henry J. Guantlet, Orlando Gibbons, John Goss, Charles F. Gounod, Gustav Holst, Herbert Howells, Gordon Jacob, Frederick A. Gore Ouseley, C. Hubert H. Parry, Charles Villiers Stanford, Arthur S. Sullivan, Thomas Tallis, Samuel S. Wesley, Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Recently Written Responsorial Psalmody
See contributions by Ben Allaway, Mary Kay Beall, Lorraine Brugh, James Hart Brumm, AnnaMae Meyer Bush, Shannon Cerneka, Rory Cooney, Lucien Deiss, Gregg DeMey, Ann Celeen Dohms, Andrew Donaldson, Bernadette Farrell, Alfred V. Fedak, John Foley, Michael Guimont, David Haas, Rawn Harbor, Marty Haugen, Mike Hay, Robert Hobby, Jeffrey Honoré, Hal H. Hopson, Julie Howard, Bob Hurd, Orin Johnson, J. Michael Joncas, David Lee, James V. Marchionda, John Michaels, Andrew Moore, James E. Moore Jr., Fintan O’Carroll, Val Parker, Betty Carr Pulkingham, Susan Sayers, Daniel L. Schutte, Martin Tel, Robert J. Thompson, Christopher Walker, Steven C. Warner, Jay Wilkey.

Recently Written Hymn-Like Tunes for Metrical Settings
See contributions by John Barnard, John L. Bell, James E. Clemens, Carol Doran, Alfred V. Fedak, Henry Bryan Hays O. S. B., Timothy Hoekman, Roy Hopp, David N. Johnson, Ken Medema, Christopher Norton, Iteke Prins, Clayton J. Schmit, Randall Sensmeier, Christian Strover, Larry Visser, James Ward, Norman L. Warren.

Settings from Contemporary or Popular Worship Music from the 1970s and 1980s
 See contributions by Brent Chambers, Dave Doherty, Eddie Espinosa, Les Garrett, Graham  Kendrick, Michael Ledner, Edith McNeill, Martin Nystrom, David Peacock, Donn  Thomas, James Ward, Charles Williams, David G. Wilson.

Settings from Contemporary or Popular Worship Music from the 1990s and 2000s
See contributions by Bruce Benedict, Barbara Boertje, Karl Digerness, Brian Doerksen,  Noel Donnelly, Isaac Everett, Kristyn Getty, Luke Hyder, Darwin Jordan, Bob Kauflin,  Aaron Keyes, Ken Medema, Christopher Miner, Karen  Mitchinson, Steve Mitchinson,  Craig Musseau, Andy Park, Daphne Rademaker, Matt Redman, Greg Scheer, Paul Thé, Stuart Townend, Eelco Vos, Tommy Walker; see also responsorial settings by Gregg DeMey Julie Howard, John Michaels, Betty Carr Pulkingham.

Settings from the Spectrum of Afro-American Gospel Music
See contributions by Lillian Bouknight, Glenn Burleigh, J. Jefferson Cleveland, Andraé  Crouch, Margaret J. Douroux, Rawn Harbor, Isaiah Jones Jr., Brenda Joyce Moore, Val Parker, Leon C.  Roberts, Richard Smallwood; see also 100B (p. 626).

Settings from the Spectrum of Jazz Styles
 See contributions from Angel Napieralski, Daniel Richardson, Sheldon W. Sorge, Tammy Wiens.

Settings from Contemporary Communities of Prayer and Renewal
 See contributions from The Iona Community, The Community of Taizé, John L. Bell, Jacques Berthier.

Settings from Latin America and Southern North American Countries

  • Argentina: 133D
  • Brazil: 30D
  • Caribbean: 118F, 150G (Alt. Ref. 2)
  • Ecuador: 145C
  • El Salvador: 94A
  • Honduras: 147A
  • Mexico: 42A, 150D
  • Paraguay: 9A
  • Puerto Rico: 133B
  • See also contributions by Simei Monteiro, Pablo Sosa, Fr. Alberto Taulé
  • Note: several of the Spanish-language contributions derive from one or more Central or South American country (see below, p. 1104).

Settings from the Middle and Near East

  • Israeli, Hasidic, and other Jewish melodies: 24E, 30C, 78C, 78D, 111D, 125C, 137C, 137D
  • Pakistan and/or India: 51G (Alt. Ref. 1), 61B, 95F, 96A, 100D, 150C, General Refrain 6 (p.  1054)

Settings from Eastern Europe

  •  Czeckoslavakia (melody): 27 J
  • Latvia (melody): 12A, 129A, 137A
  • Russia: 110B, 117F, 128A, 130F

Settings from Africa

  • Egypt: “The Lord’s Prayer: Abana Alathi Fi Ssama” (p. 1049)
  • Ghana: 51K
  • Malawi: 4B (Alt. Ref.), 81A
  • Swahili/Kiyaha: 136G
  • Yoruba people (Nigeria): 47D
  • Zimbabwe: 66B

Settings from Asia

  • Indonesia:146B (Alt. Ref. 2), 148E
  • Japan: 71B (tune)
  • Korea: 42C, 121F
  • Philippines: 51L, 96E, 120B, 147B
  • Taiwan: 100E, 117A
  • Thailand: 1C
  • See also contributions by Francisco F. Feliciano, Swee Hong Lim, I-toh Loh 

Genres and Traditions of Texts

16th- to Early 20th Century Metrical Psalmody
See contributions by Henry Williams Baker, Robert Grant, George Herbert, William Kethe, Henry F. Lyte, John Milton, James Montgomery, John Newton, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, entries from Psalter (1887), Psalter (1912), Scottish Psalter.

Metrical Settings Written Since 1960
See contributions by Fred R. Anderson, Carol Bechtel, John L. Bell, Ken Bible, John Carter, Carl P. Daw Jr., David J. Diephouse, Andrew Donaldson, Arlo D. Duba, Ruth C. Duck, Timothy Dudley-Smith, John G. Dunn, Bernadette Farrell, Doug Gay, Gracia Grindal, Bev Herrema, Christopher Idle, Willard F. Jabusch, David Landegent, Richard Leach, Martin Leckebusch, Michael Morgan, David Mowbray, Helen Otte, Joy F. Patterson, Ian Pitt-Watson, Michael Perry, Bert Polman, Marie J. Post, David G. Preston, James Quinn S. J., Ada Roeper-Boulogne, Michael Saward, James E. Seddon, Calvin Seerveld, Scott Soper, Sheldon W. Sorge, Stephen P. Starke, Henrietta Ten Harmsel, Adam M. L. Tice, Stuart Townend, Clarence P. Walhout, Christopher L. Webber, Dewey Westra, Rae E. Whitney, Tammy Wiens, Stanley Wiersma, Paul Wigmore, Barbara Woollett, David Wright, Henry Zylstra.

Texts in Languages Other than English

  • Arabic: “The Lord’s Prayer: Abana Alathi Fi Ssama” (p. 1049)
  • Chinese:  88A, 100A
  • Dutch: 100A, 148G
  • Filipino: 120B
  • French: 88A, 100A
  • German: 88A, 100A
  • Greek: 51 J, 51K
  • Hebrew: 92B
  • Hungarian: 88A, 100A
  • Indonesian: 100A, 146B (Alt. Ref. 2), 148E
  • Japanese: 100A
  • Korean: 23C, 42C, 88A, 100A, 121F
  • Latin: 71C (Alt. Ref.), 85B, 100G, 117B, 118C, 118 J, 122C (Alt. Ref.)
  • Muscogee: 146B (Alt. Ref.)
  • Paraguayan: 9A
  • Portuguese: 30D
  • Punjabi: 100D, 150C
  • Shona: 66B
  • Spanish: 1E, 20A, 23C, 23I, 27G, 29B, 30B, 31D, 34C, 42A, 46B, 51A, 51E, 51M, 65C(Alt. Ref.), 72D, 88A, 91C, 100A, 103G, 117D, 121C, 133B, 133D, 139F, 141F, 145C, 150D
  • Swahili: 88A, 100A, 136G
  • Taiwanese: 100E, 117A
  • Tamil: 61B
  • Thai: 1C
  • Urdhu: 51G (Alt. Ref. 1)
  • Xhosa: 51G (Alt. Ref. 2)

Settings Especially Appropriate for Children

  • 23K, 24C, 24E, 31B, 46D, 49C, 57B, 73A, 81B, 92B, 100G, 118B, 118K, 120A, 121 I,  134B, 136G, 150H
  • In addition, the majority of refrains associated with responsorial psalms are well-suited to children.

Spoken Texts

  • For Litanies see "Litany," First Lines and Common Titles, p. 1123.
  • For Prayers see "Prayer," First Lines and Common Titles, p. 1126; see also 97D and 145A.
  • For Additional Spoken Texts see 2B, 22C, 28B, 81C, 118 I, 121G and 137B.
  • Prayers, Litanies, and the Lord’s Prayer are also embedded in the Services of Prayer, pp. 1030-1052.