Perhaps the best known of the seasons of the Christian Year is Lent. It is a period of preparation before Easter, and originally signified a period of preparation for baptism on Easter. Generally this time of preparation is associated with the number forty - after Moses' forty years preparing for his ministry, the forty years of Israel in the wilderness, and the forty days of Jesus in the wilderness. The forty days of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, excludes Sundays, and concludes with Holy Week in which the suffering and death of Christ are central. The spirit of Lent is penitential and devotional.

Some possible Psalms to use during Lent:

Psalm 10
Psalm 11
Psalm 13
Psalm 14
Psalm 17
Psalm 19
Psalm 26
Psalm 27
Psalm 31
Psalm 32
Psalm 38
Psalm 40
Psalm 42
Psalm 51
Psalm 54
Psalm 61
Psalm 69
Psalm 70
Psalm 71
Psalm 84
Psalm 86
Psalm 91
Psalm 102
Psalm 103
Psalm 122
Psalm 125
Psalm 126
Psalm 130
Psalm 139
Psalm 143