Psalm 129

129A: I Will Sing a Song of Triumph

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Tune Information:

CAPTIVITY is a traditional Latvian folk tune; it is also known as KAS DZIEDAJA from the Latvian poem associated with the tune. The title CAPTIVITY is derived from its more recent use (especially in post-Vatican II Roman Catholicism) with Ewald Bash's paraphrase of Psalm 137, which begins "By the Babylonian rivers."

CAPTIVITY is a rather reflective tune, almost haunting in its minor mode. It has a stunning octave rise at the beginning of the second long line. The tune is suitable for either unison or part singing. Accompany with modest organ tones or strings (guitars).

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  • The following are alternative accompaniments for this tune, CAPTIVITY/KAS DZIEDAJA/BYTHE WATERS.

Alternative Harmonization for Organ and Descant Resources:

  • Burkhardt, Michael. Five Psalm Improvisations. Morningstar MSM-10-511 [1997]
  • Fedak, Alfred V. 25 More Harmonizations. Selah 160-729 [1998]

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  • Words: Martin Leckebusch © 2003 Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
  • Music (CAPTIVITY/KAS DZIEDAJA Latvian melody; arr. Greg Scheer © 2008 Greg Scheer
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